Thursday, January 23, 2014

stl container in c++

stl container in c++ : Standard Template Library Tutorial,
This article discusses STL containers in detail. It continues the discussion that was begun in previous posts. We will start with a general overview of the general abilities and operations of all container classes, with each container class explained in detail. The explanation includes a description of their internal data structures, their operations, and their performance. It also shows how to use the different operations and gives examples if the usage is not trivial. Each section about the containers ends with examples of the typical use of the container. The chapter then discusses the interesting question of when to use which container. By comparing the general abilities, advantages, and disadvantages of all container types, it shows you how to find the best container to meet your needs. Lastly, the chapter covers all members of all container classes in detail. This part is intended as a type of reference manual. You can find the minor details of the container interface and the exact signature of the container operations. When useful, crossreferences to similar or supplementary algorithms are included.

The C++ standard library provides some special container classes, the so-called container adapters (stack, queue, priority queue), bitmaps, and valarrays. All of these have special interfaces that don't meet the general requirements of STL containers, so they are covered in separate articles.

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