eLearning :: The Art of Learning with Innovation
ccplusplus is continuously involved in making quality education system and keeps of focusing and aiming to explain the technology and the concept behind the learning process. With the focus on our aim we at ccplusplus has developed a new way of education system called "The Practical eLearning".

The Practical eLearning is new way of education system which relies on following,
  • Utilizing our time and keep focus of what we want to learn.
  • Keeping us away from lots of searching and finding.
  • Making a realization of the learning by applying them immediately to our ideas.
  • Innovating a new ways of concept by understanding the previous ones learnt.  
Above are the not just few aims that we wish to adopt. The practical eLearning is also called as Art of Learning with Innovation.

Drawbacks of current eLearning Education System:
  • Video Tutorials : They are considered as good in todays education system, but it is more or like purchasing cooked food and eating it without seeing what we are eating. Video tutorials keeps our mind in limited in going to a broad way. These tutorials are ready to see and watch not without feeling and seeing with our mind but someone else mind who wants us to see what we want to see. Getting a concept and visualizing after that keeps a good way of making our self developed with a new way of thinking. Our mind starts thinking behind the concept that is called how and what has happened and why it is happened. We are not saying that Video Tutorials are not useful at all. But just get yourself dependent on that is keeping us limiting from the thinking. 
  • Traditional Patterns : They are the pattern that just explains concepts step by step. The drawback lies in just co-relating the concepts. Making you realize that you have just covered all the topic is not just enough to learn the real concept at all. Learning some concept at a time and not linking to the new concept keeps you forgetting old ones. It is common that we have seen with many of the learners who are going with the Old Traditional way of learning will keep you loosing your concept. If someone is weak on a particular area and topic with the defined schedule and course topics limit he will not be able to get more focus and attention on that particular area, at the last the course has no benefit for him.
  • No Support : Most of the sources just keep on doing the business and finalizing their course. Nobody is ever a genius that never require a support from other at some point. After completing the course their is either a huge cost of per support or it is not available from others.
  • No Concept Explanation at each step : What we found that there is no proper explanations of small concepts. Explaining a concept that is more imnportant is always important but forgetting smalls or less important are not a good way of education  system.
  • Package Subscription : All the sources has a daily/monthly/yearly subscription. How it feels to a someone who is looking for quality education. It seems like that we are getting a prepaid internet connection. This is good business not system not a quality education system.
  • Lack of Practical Knowledge : As said none of the sources are providing the practical application of the knowledge acquired. just learning and not applying those practically to ideas and knowledge is again waste of learning all for a long time.
In the last we are not saying that all the sources of eLearning are not to be trusted. All we found is some of the weakness that we should carefully understand and try to overcome those to make the learning a complete learning.

Educational Features:
  • Attention and focus to make the basic strong.
  • No specific time boundary to cover the course until you are not satisfied.
  • Custom course's in which you can select the areas you want get more attention from us.
  • A practical project development with each course.
  • Most source codes provided for each concept in comparison to any other source for elearning provider.
  • On demand Video Tutorial support, although we are not recommending that.
  • 24*7 and lifetime support for all the problem and solutions you ever face.
  • Web based solution to the problem.
  • Complete new course material provided for each of the new person enrolling to the course.
Technical Features:
  • Support for most of the platform like Windows, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris, Suse etc.
  • Complete development environment setup.
  • Access to UNIX and windows machine using the secure vpn connection.
  • Password protected documents for any leaks.
Course Types:
  • Regular Course (6 Days, Mon - Sat).
  • Weekends Course (2 Days, Sat - Sun )
Course Duration:
  • 4 Weeks
  • 6 Weeks
  • 8 Weeks 
Offered Languages:
  • C
  • C++ 
For a more detailed prospectus and course details contact us below,


  1. thanks for offering such a nice course. It is really helpful being a new bee in C++.

    Thanks again.
    Ramesh Panda.

  2. thanks team ccplusplus for providing the excellent training. The est thing is I have made this to learn like how I want to study also no such worrying of timed classes and schedules. i will definitely recommend that to others.

    Thanks again.

    Sanil G
    NIT Warangal.

    1. Thanks Sanil,

      each time provide training we too are increasing our course quality. thanks for enrolling us.

      have a happy coding.

  3. Hi ccplusplus,

    I have to enroll for the c++ course with STL in focus. How much will you need to cover this ?

    Jacob J.

    1. Hi Jacob,

      Our course covers all the C++ concepts which too includes the STL also. For more details please drop us en email we can discuss there in details.


  4. Thank you ccplusplus for making good course. Glad to lean with you all guys.

    -- Roger M Ressel.

  5. Thank You guys.

    That is what you feel confident when being well trained from industry standard trainers.

    I will recommend 5* from my side to you.

    Thanks for help so far.


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