Wednesday, January 22, 2014

extending the stl

extending the stl c++ : Standard Template Library Tutorial,
The STL is designed as a framework that may be extended in almost any direction. You can supply your own containers, iterators, algorithms, or function objects, provided they meet certain requirements. In fact, there are some useful extensions that are missing in the C++ standard library. This happened because at some point the committee had to stop introducing new features and concentrate on perfecting the existing parts; otherwise, the job would never have been completed.

The most important component that is missing in the STL is an additional kind of container that is implemented as a hash table. The proposal of having hash tables be part of the C++ standard library simply came too late. However, newer versions of the standard will likely contain some form of hash tables. Most implementations of the C++ library already provide hash containers, but unfortunately they're all different. 

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