Sunday, November 18, 2012

marketing specialist officer jobs

We have an excellent opening as a consultant to work with the below job requirement,

Job Description:
For our enterprise products under development we are looking for person who has a good past work experience in evaluating the enterprise products based on market requirement and providing valueable enhancements and change comments. When the product is ready to ship you will be considered as a main point of contact for product marketing specialist.

Below is the required mandatory skills:
  1. Should already have a work experience with at least 3 - 5 products evaluation.
  2. At least 5 years of work experience in IT.
  3. Must be enrolled to some organization.
You may send your resume to "".

element access list c++

Because a list does not have random access, it provides only front() and back() for accessing elements directly

Table. Direct Element Access of Lists

Returns the first element (no check whether a first element exists)
Returns the last element (no check whether a last element exists)

As usual, these operations do not check whether the container is empty. If the container is empty, calling them results in undefined behavior. Thus, the caller must ensure that the container contains at least one element.

For example:

std::list<Elem> coll; // empty!
std::cout << coll.front(); // RUNTIME ERROR ? undefined behavior
if (!coll.empty()) 
   std::cout << coll.back(); // OK

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