About Us

ccplusplus.com set up its operations in 2011, and is aimed to provide the software solution to IT industry, the Indian government, academia and the local developer community. The primary objective of the company are not just the below,
  • Involving in Research and Development for the software solutions.
  • Developing iMagine softwares.
  • Enhancing the software design and development.
  • Improving the technical education by conducting elearning world wide.
  • Supporting global technical education system.
The concept of solutions being driven to address specific customer challenges has been with ccplusplus since its inception. As a Software Engineer Saurabh Gupta, wants to do some more from his childhood. Being an innovative and quick learner he won many awards. Some of them are as below,
  • Winner of 5th National Children Science Congress starting from district, state and national level.
  • Awarded by All India Student Committee for his excellent academic performance.
  • Winner of All India Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha.
  • Robotics prizes in various tech fests.
  • Technical Papers selected in various conference in IIT's. 
After achieving not just above achievements Saurabh has started his career with getting any salary as a trainer. With just aimed to learn and innovate he is constantly aimed to achieve success  in each of the Software Companies he worked, but management never looked over his ideas and innovations. Failing to that he searched and changed different Software Companies which ultimately leads to the same condition, each time when changing companies a plan came with him "How about a website that contains my study material and the products that will have my Ideas and Innovations", since then we landed to ccplusplus and journey begins from that. An idea had to be applied to deal with disparate challenges in todays Industry.

Our business portfolio includes,
1. Enterprise Software Development.
2. R & D project development.

3. eLearning programs and online courses.
4. Offline Training.
5. Freelancing project development group.

Our Technical skills are,* C++ 03, C++ 11
* C 99
* Scripting Languages - Perl, Shell, Python
* ASP, C#, Dot Net

* Java
* SQL Server, MySQL, posgresql.
* RedHat, Ubuntu, Fedora, Solaris, Windows Server Platform

* Qt
* .NET framework 2.x, 3.x, 4.x

Developing Tool,
* Microsoft Visual Studio
* Eclipse
* Qt based
* Dev C++

Compiler & Platform
* Microsoft Compiler
* GCC/G++
* Cygwin/MingW
* DEV/C++

Our Domain Knowledge are,
* Network Security

* Network Management
* Database

* Backup & Recovery
* Telecommunication - Mac, RRC, RLC, SIP/SDP, OSI, Layer 7, Diameter, Radius, PDRA, SS7.
* Asset Management
* Retail Domain

We request all of you to interact with us and provide your feedback and ideas. Definitely we will consider as our best partner and will continue our relations.

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