C (pronounced /s/, like the letter C) is a general-purpose computer programming language developed between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for use with the Unix operating system.

Although C was designed for implementing system software, it is also widely used for developing portable application software.
C is one of the most popular programming languages of all time and there are very few computer architectures for which a C compiler does not exist. C has greatly influenced many other popular programming languages, most notably C++, which began as an extension to C.

This C blog page is not intend to provide a complete C  language, but instead I will give you the important concepts and will try to explain the toughest concept in C that developers and the students are having. I will keep on posting to this. Please add you comments at any moment if you feel something went wrong, of-course I am human being so mistakes can happen.

Blog Topics
                            C Concepts
1. C Language - The Development History
2. const in C 
3. All about C Pointers
4. File Handling with C
5. Bitwise Operator  
6. Varuous types of C Pointers 
7. Storage-Class Specifier
8. Operator Precedence in C
9. Escape Sequences
10.ASCII Chart
12.Dynamic Memory Management in C
15.malloc memory allocation
16.calloc memory allocation
17.reallocating memory using realloc
18.freeing memory using free
19.auto storage class in C
20.register storage class
21.external variable
22.variable definition vs declaration

                        C Sample Codes
5 . reverse a number using recursion
  1. Method First
  2. Method Second
6 . covert days to year, months and days
7 . program to print without semicolon
8 . identify given character vowels or consonants
9 . factorial calculator of large numbers
10. sorting an array or numbers given by user
11. finding maximum and minimum number from numbers entered
12. reverse string using pointer
13. compare two strings input by user
14. program to print a asterisk triangle
15. find given number positive , negative or smaller number
16. calculate the prime factor of a number
17. copy one string to another without using string functions
18. calculate square root of a number
19. calculating prime factor of a number
20. program to calculate hcf of the given numbers
21. program to calculate lcm of the given numbers
22. print triangle of numbers in reverse order
23. Matrix addition using array
24. Matrix multiplication using array
25. array sorting in ascending order
26. calculate mean, mode and median
27. swap two numbers without using third variable or number
28. swap two numbers
29. print simple of asterisk
30. insertion sort c code
31. sum of 1 to n numbers using recursion
32. calculating roots of quadratic equation
33. print pyramid of numbers
34. calculate power of a number
35. copy one string to another using pointers
36. strftime sample code
37. search an element in 2Dimentional array using liner search
38. check user entered character like symbol, digit, letter
39. check entered character is small or capital
40. calculate factorial using recursion
41. calculate area and perimeter of triangle
42. calculate area and perimeter of square
43. calculate area and perimeter of rectangle
44. calculate area and perimeter of circle
45. calculate area and perimeter of rhombus
46. calculate area and perimeter of parallelogram
47. calculate area and perimeter of trapezium
48. calculate area and perimeter of quadrilateral
49. calculate area and perimeter of semicircle
50. calculate area and perimeter of sector
51. calculate area and perimeter of sphere
52. calculate area and perimeter of cone
53. calculate area and perimeter of cylinder
54. calculate area and perimeter of cube
55. calculate area and perimeter of cuboid
56. calculate area and perimeter of hemisphere
57. check string is palindrome of not
58. weekday calculator in c
59. convert miles to kilometer
60. convert miles to meter
61. convert miles to feet
62. convert miles to inches
63. convert miles to centimeter
64. struct timeval example c code
65. check year is leap year or not
66. Compare two strings without using strcmp function
67. sort numbers in ascending or descending order
68. sort numbers in ascending order
69. sort numbers in descending order
70. sort numbers
71. calculate length of string without using strlen function
73. fibonacci series using recursion
74. absolute value of a number
75. count number of characters in a file
76. count blank spaces in a file
77. print number of triangle in reverse order
78. Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion
79. gettimeofday
80. register storage example in C
81. auto storage class example in C
82. external variable example
83. variable definition vs declaration
84. chdir system call example

File handling:
85. display content of a file
86. fopen example
87. display content of user entered file
88. count characters in file
89. count number of lines in a file
90. display portion of a file
91. compare two files
100.copy one file content to other file
101.copy one file content file to other file entered by user
102.using enum
103.modulus operator