Friday, September 16, 2011

C++ Project : X-PING a multifeature Ping utility

Version 1.0.0
About the Release Notes
This release notes provides information about the features, usage and basic information’s related to the X-PING.

This introductory chapter provides an overview X-PING, along with the hardware, software required for using it and the platforms on which it is supported.

About X-PING
X-PING is a XML based ping utility that can be used to check the system availability similar to the windows or Linux Ping utility. X-PING utility is a multi-platform utility that can be used under both the Linux and Windows Platform. See the X-PING Features for more information.

X-PING Supported Platforms
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Note: The X-PING supported platforms mentioned has a tested set, all the required dependencies are shipped with the X-PING. The platforms mentioned above are tested for this current release, and later with the new release they can be increased.

X-PING Software Details 
  1. X-PING is written and developed using C++.
  2. It is compiled under Linux with gnu compiler GCC version 4.x.x.
  3. Under windows it is build using Visual Studio 2005.
  4. X-PING is based on a XML based DOM Parser.
X-PING Hardware requirement
X-PING has a very less requirement. Under Linux it can run with any lowest combination. Under windows it can run with a minimum that Windows function properly

Note: X-PING requires some of the windows services to be start and may require some of the administrative and root user privilege to run.

X-PING Features
Ping is the basic of all the network utility that can be used to check the machine availability. You can only ping one machine at a time. X-PING is a XML based utility that uses XML parsing, where you can include as many numbers of the machines that you want to ping. Instead of displaying the ping result into the shell or the command it has a log feature available for every machine that you want to address and the each machine will get separate log record.  X-PING can run 24*7. It is dynamic utility that lets you always show what happened to the system you want to analyse. The initial version of X-PING only shows the ping feature, later we can monitor all the services like SNMP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP etc.

Software Features:
  1. Developed completely in C++ and XML languages.
  2. It is a multithreaded application and uses windows and pthread API.
  3. It is based on socket implementation.
  4. X-PING uses a various network protocol programming like TCP/UDP, ICMP SNMP etc.
Functionality Feature:
  1. X-PING is kind of utility that is designed to run like a monitoring tool.
  2. Once upon start-up it is running until you stop it. It is running actively for all the machines that we are pinging.
  3. X-PING can be used as a port monitoring also that tells whether a port is open or closed.
X-PING Contact Support
You can reach for on demand demo and other related enquires 


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