Friday, September 16, 2011

C++ Project : CRYPTO an encryption Decryption utility

Version 1.0.0
About the Release Notes 
This release notes provides information about the features, usage and basic information’s related to the CRYPTO.

This introductory chapter provides an overview CRYPTO, along with the hardware, software required for using it and the platforms on which it is supported.  

CRYPTO is a utility that can be used for encrypting most type of the file that we are using in our computers, and the same encrypted file can be decrypted again to get the original file content. CRYPTO is a multi-platform utility that can be used under both the Linux and Windows Platform.

CRYPTO Supported Platforms
Red Hat Enterprise Linux any version
Ubuntu Desktop Editions any version
Windows 7, Vista, XP.

Note: The CRYPTO supported platforms has no limit, all the required dependencies are shipped with the CRYPTO. The platforms mentioned above are tested for this current release, and later with the new release they can be increased.

CRYPTO Software Details
  1. CRYPTO  is written and developed using C++
  2. It is compiled under Linux using GCC compiler 4.x.x
  3. Under windows it is build using Visual Studio 2005. 
CRYPTO Hardware requirement
CRYPTO has a very less requirement. Under Linux it can run with any lowest combination. Under windows it can run with a minimum that Windows function properly.

CRYPTO Features
CRYPTO can encrypt any type of the file that can be opened with an editor for example with notepad in windows. Presently CRYPTO is used to encrypt only the C++ source code with ‘.cpp’ and its header file with ‘.h’ extension. Other file extensions can be added depend upon the requirements.

CRYPTO has a in-built tracing feature which can be used for reference of its integrity and correctness. It can also be used for debugging purpose of CRYPTO as no software is error free.

CRYPTO takes the directory from the user on which he or she wants to scan the cpp and the h files to be encrypted. All the files are stored in a text file in an encrypted format, which no one can understand and decrypt.  CRYPTO again can be used to decrypt the same encrypted text file and all the original file content can be seen on the decrypted text file.

CRYPTO has no limit of how many number of files are there in the directory. CRYPTO is presently tested with 50 files in a directory, most of them are huge content in size, and some of them have 3000 lines.

Benefits of using CRYPTO
With the purchase of the first version of the CRYPTO you will get free support and upgrade for the new versions of CRYPTO free of cost, which has much advance features and functionality available to work with.

CRYPTO Contact Support
You can reach for on demand demo and other related enquires @

CRYPTO Sample snapshot
1. Starting the utility

2. simple help menu

3. At the time when we are encrypting our file 

 4. At the time we are decrypting our file

Sample Input and Output of the CRYPTO

1. Here is the one of the sample file that is taken for encryption purpose
compare-two-string-using-pointers.cpp  -- this the file used for encrypting

 * File     :   compare-two-string-using-pointers.cpp

 * Author   :  

 * Desc     :   To compare two strings using pointer

 * Source   :  

 * Created  :   AM 10:11 11 September 2011

 * Note     :


#include <iostream>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <unistd.h>

#include <string.h>

#include <conio.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

    char strFirstString[10], strSecondString[10];

    char *p, *q;

    int i, j, nStrCompStatus = 0;

    p = strFirstString;

    q = strSecondString;


    printf("\nInput two strings\n");


    gets (strFirstString);  // get the first string

    gets (strSecondString); // get the second string


    for(; *p != '\0' || *q!='\0'; *p++,*q++)  {

        if(*p!=*q) {

            printf("\nStrings are different\n");





    if(nStrCompStatus==0) {

        printf("\nStrings are same\n");


    return 0;





 [user@rhel54x64 c]$

 [user@rhel54x64 c]$ gcc compare-two-string-using-pointers.cpp -o compare-two-string-using-pointers

 [user@rhel54x64 c]$ ./compare-two-string-using-pointers

 Input two strings



 Strings are different

 [user@rhel54x64 c]$ ./compare-two-string-using-pointers

 Input two strings



 Strings are same

 [user@rhel54x64 c]$
2. this is the out that is came for the mentioned above. I have taken the .cpp file for a reference, coz I just have that for that time. It can use and file for its purpose. Due to blogger limitation there is some formatting issue so I am putting that in Image format.

for getting the original file again we can use the same encrypted file shown above and can get the original file. That I feel not required to show here as it is already the input file shown some above.

This is just a sample encryption/decryption. This is the best feature s small working utility having an excellent and deep coding which performs a lot than what it appears to be.


  1. thank you saurabh,
    this projects rocks. I got A+ for that.

    thanks again. Please keep us updated when the next version is coming.

  2. oh thanks. glad 2 hear that it is helpful for u.

    version 2.0.0 is under progress with lots of new features.

    Will update that soon.

    --Saurabh Gupta

  3. thanks for delivering on right time. I hacked the documents that nobody can carry too also. thank you saurabh.

  4. thank u guys for choosing the crypto.
    lets us see when i can deliver the version 2 to you.

    --Saurabh Gupta

  5. from where i can get the source code of CRYPTO and XPING.

  6. Hi MODmen,

    Thanks for showing interest.
    CRYPTO and XPING is not an open source project. It is especially developed for the project purpose. If you are willing to take these project we can deliver it to you based on your requirement by paying the project cost to you.

    Saurabh Gupta

  7. thanks saurabh. crypto helps me a lot. it is an amazing utility.
    thanks again,

    Susheel K

  8. Hi Susheel,

    I appreciate and accept your thanks heartly.
    It all goes to you who trusted and gave me a chance that I can present what you want.

    --Saurabh Gupta

  9. thanks Saurabh. u saved a lots of money. your project work exactly I required. Super hacking tool.

    Looks like I have to give some more work for that.


  10. Hi,

    I am wishing to take the CRYPTO. how much it will cost and doI will get the design document also ?


  11. Hi Ranjeet,

    Thank You for contacting us.
    We can not disclose the price in public mailing list. Please drop us email on '' you will get the correct information. yes you will get the full design document with the life time support.

    Support Group -

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