Tuesday, September 20, 2011

basics of socket

Introducing Sockets

Friday, October 4, 1957, marked the beginning of a startling new era. The Soviet Union had launched the world's first artificial satellite into the Earth's orbit, known as Sputnik. Approximately
the size of a basketball, this satellite took 98 minutes to orbit the Earth. Anyone with a shortwave radio was able to hear it during overhead passes, at a frequency of approximately 40.002Mhz. Who would have imagined at that time, that this would later spawn the beginnings of TCP/IP and the Internet?

From this post I will try to introduce you
  • A brief history of how sockets were developed 
  • The essence of sockets 
  • How sockets are referenced by the Linux kernel and application programs 
  • An introductory example of a socket C program
Here are the topics that I am covering to explain the above concepts

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