Thursday, April 9, 2015

Will I sometimes use any so-called “evil” constructs?

Of course you will!
One size does not fit all. Stop. Right now, take out a fine-point marker and write on the inside of your glasses: Software Development Is Decision Making. “Think” is not a four-letter word. There are very few “never…” and “always…” rules in software — rules that you can apply without thinking — rules that always work in all situations in all markets — one-size-fits-all rules.
In plain English, you will have to make decisions, and the quality of your decisions will affect the business value of your software. Software development is not mostly about slavishly following rules; it is a matter of thinking and making tradeoffs and choosing. And sometimes you will have to choose between a bunch of bad options. When that happens, the best you can hope for is to choose the least bad of the alternatives, the lesser of the “evils.”

You will occasionally use approaches and techniques labeled as “evil.” If that makes you uncomfortable, mentally change the word “evil” to “frequently undesirable”

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