Thursday, April 9, 2015

What are some features of C++ from a business perspective?

Here are a few features of OO/C++ from a business perspective:

  • C++ has a huge installed base, which means you’ll have multi-vendor support for tools, environments, consulting services, etc., plus you’ll have a very valuable line-item on your resumé
  • C++ lets developers provide simplified interfaces to software chunks, which improves the defect-rate when those chunks are (re)used
  • C++ lets you exploit developer’s intuition through operator overloading, which reduces the learning curve for (re)users
  • C++ localizes access to a software chunk, which reduces the cost of changes.
  • C++ reduces the safety-vs.-usability tradeoff, which improves the cost of (re)using a chunk of software.
  • C++ reduces the safety-vs.-speed tradeoff, which improves defect rates without degrading performance.
  • C++ gives you inheritance and dynamic binding which let old code call new code, making it possible to quickly extend/adapt your software to hit narrow market windows.

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