Saturday, January 18, 2014

zero initialization template c++

zero initialization template c++ : templates tutorial
For fundamental types such as int, double, or pointer types, there is no default constructor that initializes them with a useful default value. Instead, any noninitialized local variable has an undefined value:

Now if you write templates and want to have variables of a template type initialized by a default value, you have the problem that a simple definition doesn't do this for built-in types:

For this reason, it is possible to call explicitly a default constructor for built-in types that initializes them with zero (or false for bool). That is, int() yields zero. As a consequence you can ensure proper default initialization even for built-in types by writing the following:

To make sure that a member of a class template, for which the type is parameterized, gets initialized, you have to define a default constructor that uses an initializer list to initialize the member:

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