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restriction for non type template parameters c++

restriction for non type template parameters c++ : templates tutorial

Restrictions for Nontype Template Parameters

Note that nontype template parameters carry some restrictions. In general, they may be constant integral values (including enumerations) or pointers to objects with external linkage.
Floating-point numbers and class-type objects are not allowed as nontype template parameters:

Not being able to use floating-point literals (and simple constant floating-point expressions) as template arguments has historical reasons. Because there are no serious technical challenges, this may be supported in future versions of C++.
Because string literals are objects with internal linkage (two string literals with the same value but in different modules are different objects), you can't use them as template arguments either:

You cannot use a global pointer either:

However, the following is possible:

The global character array s is initialized by "hello" so that s is an object with external linkage.

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