Monday, September 16, 2013

turn off whatsapp nokia

This post will show you how to force exit or close WhatsApp application running on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and other symbian s60 running phones. 

WhatsApp does not have a logout mechanism. The application is designed to always be connected so that you receive your messages  quickly, even when you are not actively using your phone. This is  similar to how SMS works and allows WhatsApp messages to be delivered almost instantly.

For those who does not have a data plan, running WhatsApp can be very expensive. It is also drains battery pretty fast while the application is running in the background. WhatsApp cannot be turn off. The "Exit" button in WhatsApp does not turn the application completely off. It will seems like it is turn off but it is still running in the background. WhatsApp will always maintain connection (by force!) by going through your available 3G, EDGE amd WIFi connection presets to connect without notification.

This is how i force exit or close WhatsApp from running (even background process) on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

  1. Install NetQin Mobile Guard 3.0 for Symbian and run the application.
  2. Click on OS Scan and NetQin will display a report after scanning your phone.
  3. Go to "Auto-start apps" to disable WhatsApp from auto start whenever the phone restarts.
  4. Go to "Memory usage" to close currently running WhatsApp application.
  5. WhatsApp is now completely turned off. 
Another Way: (working and tested)

  1. Another way around is go to "Boot Manager Icon"
  2. Disable the WhatsApp from there.
  3. When you restart your phone you will find it disabled.
  4. Turn off WhatsApp: Web Manager > connected apps > Options > Disconnect (or tap WhatsApp > Yes)
  5. Each time you want to close the whats app you can disconnect it from the network like these steps.

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