Thursday, January 12, 2012

linux kickstart project

Linux kickstart project:

Linux/UNIX is always being a favorite operating system for the developers. Most of the C, C++ developers love to write the code and run on that. Installing Linux is always a subject of interest that most people hesitate to speak. For a small college or enterprises there are always more than one computer always. Every time you need to install the OS on the different machines when required. There lies always a problem here-
  1. You need to go there and install the OS by carrying your dvd/cd.
  2. You can carry your desktop/laptop to install the os.
  3. You need to go through the each installation window every time and selecting/deselecting the packages and setting always. This seems easy but honestly it is very tough to determine what to take what not to take.
  4. There are some many packages which for different different developers required.
Here is the solution that I am providing for you. Kickstart is a feature that we can use for all the above the problems. using the kickstart is not an easy to deal with and also it has very limited to use directly. The "Smart Kickstart" is a tool that is completely developed in shell script and uses sed and awk very effectively. I am putting the few features that you can understand-
  1. Installing multiple OS's at a single time (tested with 24 PC's togather). it is not limited as I have limitation of machine.
  2. A single file that can be used to select/deselect all the packages that you need.
  3. Installation is done via dhcp. 
  4. support multiple OS versions like Red Hat Linux 6, 5.4 and other Linux.
  5. Configuration of IP and hostname/domain name during kickstart.
These are few important features that I have listed. The Smart Kickstart is not just limited to the features above but has much more functionality.

Please contact us below to get the more information and the release notes. I am presenting the demo pictures here sue to idea of the project.

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