Saturday, December 17, 2011

ftp based projects in c

Most of them you have used ftp (file transfer protocol) when working under your Linux or UNIX system. I love to do ftp operations.
So I tried a new for my own written ftp project. Here I am presenting the same for you all the students who wish to customize their ftp operation.

It is customizable ftp project that is just running your own designed command. There is a complete set of option that can give you choice to add your own command. All of your command are your own command.

I am putting a sample snapshot for the ftp server and client executing the ftp "bye" command. I have just putted it in the caps lock "BYE".

FTP server:

FTP Client:


We are not making a huge list of the projects that you can select and purchase. Whatever projects we are putting are either recently developed or under development. 

selecting a project openly may cause you to loose your marks or grade.
So I will suggest give us an idea of your own kind and requirement, I will promise it will be given to you with in the time and the least cost from any other resource.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Hansika,

      Thanks for contacting.

      Please drop me an email, it will be better to discuss there according to you, or I will send you email on this id.

      Saurabh Gupta

  2. Hi,
    I have gone through your project. Will it add new commands also as we want ? How much will it cost ?

    1. Hi,

      Yes is customizable with your commands.
      Drop me an email we will discuss the cost there itself.

      Saurabh Gupta