Sunday, October 23, 2011

chpasswd aix

The chpasswd command is introduced that allows the user to change the password in non-interactive form, for example from a script.

An example on how to change the password of user adrian to passwd follows:
# chpasswd -?
chpasswd: Not a recognized flag: ?
chpasswd [-R load_module] [-e] [ -f flags | -c ]
# chpasswd

The chpasswd command administers users' passwords. The root user can supply or change users' passwords specified through standard input. Each line of input must be of the following format.


Only root users can set passwords with this command.

By default, the chpasswd command sets the ADMCHG flag for the users. The -f option may be used with other valid flags to override the default. The -c option clears all password flags.

The password field can be cleartext or a value encrypted with the crypt algorithm. The -e option indicates that passwords are of encrypted format. Please note that all passwords in a batch must conform to the same format.


-c Clears all password flags.
-e Specifies that the passwords are of encrypted format.
-f flags Specifies the comma separated list of password flags to set. Valid flag values are: ADMIN, ADMCHG, and/or NOCHECK. Refer to the pwdadm command documentation for details about these values.
-R load_module Specifies the loadable I&A module used to change users' passwords

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