Tuesday, September 6, 2011

c++ projects for engineering

c++ projects for engineering students

ccplusplus is majorly involved in developing Enterprise software's for reputed universities and companies across the globe. With just do not want to limit our technology to our reputed clients instead willing to distribute the technology and concept across all the persons involved in the industry. 

Aiming to above we are using the technology and concept in making undergraduate and graduate level projects.

Apart from that we also are developing projects based on their requirements. Primarily we are taking requirement and providing them the same, we too have many new developed small projects listed in below link

Most of the Final Years undergraduate students are managing their projects by either taking from their seniors or spending lots of the money to get it done from the other sources.

They will get their projects. But during their interview of the projects they get failed or get low marks.

The reason is simple they don't know how it works, why it works like that.

So it will be better to get the project of your own kind and idea. If you don't have then we are here to present the same for you.

If you go with us we will get following advantages,
  1. All time support for the project.
  2. Full design document.
  3. Code flow of the project.
  4. Least cost in comparison with the any other vendor.
  5. Delivery with the least time.
Beside all that I am promising that the cost will be lowest from any other source and the quality will be the best from the all.

We are not presenting a long list of the projects.  The reason is most of the new projects ideas are getting leaked always, so we have decided to present the project list on demand.

Click here to see a few list of projects.

Please write your queries to below dedicated emails,

Sales and support queries

Technical support and queries



  1. Hi,

    How much time will you take to deliver the project ?

  2. Hi There,

    For most of the projects as they are completely new, their design and prototype is already implemented. Depends on your requirement it will delivered according to you according to your time.

    --Saurabh Gupta


    Suggested tools to be used: Graphics and C++
    Problem Statement: Consider the array [3, 5, 6, 7, 20, 8, 2, 9, 12, 15, 30, 17].
    a) Draw the corresponding complete binary tree.
    b) Heapify the tree and show the result in both tree and array format.
    c) Now insert 3 more elements 15, 20, and 45 (in this order) into the tree and show the max heap following each insert.
    d) Perform four delete max operations on the max heap of part (c). Show the max heap after each deletion.
    Develop a program to display the above mentioned outputs graphically.

    Any specific instructions pertaining to this problem:
    • Use graphics to implement the changes.

  4. i need d project till monday ..plz help me out

  5. Hi gunit,

    Sure we will do by the time you want,
    Please drop me an email on "saurabhgupta0527@gmail.com". so that future conversation we will do via emails only.

    Saurabh Gupta

    1. hii saurabh
      i will mail u my project on ur gmail.plz check your inbox and help me

  6. Hi Saurabh,

    I have seen your project list. If I am correct then as you mentioned these are new projects.
    Please let me know If I need a project for UNIX platform that should run on Solaris too, which is suitable for me.
    I am doing my engineering in CSE and in 7th semester.


    1. Hi Mitesh,

      Thanks for contacting.

      Here are the things that decides best for you,

      1. If we are making the project according to your requirement that will be new development. Hence that will decide that time and project cost.

      2. If you are selecting our designed project that will take less time and cost.

      My team will send you the project lest, please provide your requirement there, it will help us both.

      Thank You,
      Saurabh Gupta

  7. Thank you team ccplusplus,

    you project is very good and also the design document that i got.

    Thanks lot.

    1. glad to hear that.

      Thank you for trusting on us.

      Support - ccplusplus.com

  8. thanks ccplusplus. I am impressed to see the quality of the work done on the project, comparing to other sources where I went the price is much much less. :) I shouldn't say that here I feel.

    Thanks for helping me.

    Sanil G.
    NIT Warangal.

  9. Hi ccplusplus team,
    I am studying in 7th semester cs. we have to submit our final project on C/C++ and platform may be windows/linux, linux prefer. can you develop a project of my requirement that i want. i have project document with mw. how much will you charge for that ?


    1. Hi Vinay,

      yes we can develop the project of your requirement. Please let us know your specific design and requirement based on that we can figure out the cost.


  10. hi cplusplus
    i need a project of implementation of traffic light signal using c++
    this project is very important for us.i want to submit this project on wednesday.
    can u make this project please mail me at zairazru@gmail.com

  11. hii
    anybody help me please
    i have got a project of implementation of traffic light signal using c++.i have no idea how to make it.this is very important for me .i have to submit this project on wednesday.plz if anyone can do this project mail me at:

    1. Hi Zaria,

      Please write to us on "projects@ccplusplus.com", we will discuss in detail there.

      Thank You,
      Project Group - ccplusplus.com

    2. Please take the contact details from


  12. thanks for the support so far. great time to work with you guys :)

    --Ajmal Khan.

  13. thank you the support.

  14. thank you sir for providing me project in time... Thank you ccplusplus tea,. good work.

  15. thanks for the project ccplusplus. i never thought i will a great project at very simple place.

    great work.

    Thank you.