Wednesday, September 28, 2011

C++ Project : C++ Tutor

C++ Tutor
Version 1.0.0

This introductory chapter provides an overview C++ Tutor, along with the hardware, software required for using it and the platforms on which it is supported.  

About C++ Tutor
This utility is a fun utility that is designed to learn C++ concepts in an interactive way like you are seeing in any of the good c++ websites. This utility explains all the C++ concepts with the example code also. These all come with user friendly option that are displayed as an option menu. See the screenshot below for that.

C++ Tutor Supported Platforms
All the Linux Systems like Red Hat based
All the UNIX systems like AIX, Solaris
Windows systems.

Note: The C++ Tutor supported platforms have no limit, all the required dependencies are shipped with the C++ Tutor. The platforms mentioned above are tested for this current release, and later with the new release they can be increased.

C++ Tutor Software Details
  1. C++ Tutor is written and developed using C/C++. It has all the ANSI standards that are applicable to C++.
  2. It is compiled under Linux with gnu GCC compiler version 4.1.2.
  3. Under windows it is build using Visual Studio 2005.
C++ Tutor Hardware requirement
C++ Tutor has a very less requirement. Under Linux it can run with any lowest combination. Under windows it can run with a minimum that Windows function properly. 

C++ Tutor Features
A Sample run is shown below. This is the help page design to see all the various tasks that this utility can do.

A development version of C++ tutor:

On expanding a menu:

Note: This is just a under development version. There are lots of the UI enhancement and additions are going on.
Benefits of using C++ Tutor
C++ Tutor is a learning utility that can be modified by you. It has option that you can use to modify the tutor. Like if you want to add something your own concepts.

You can use this to learn all the C++ concepts, and carry with your email to any place in the word.

C++ Tutor Contact Support
You can reach for on demand demo and other related enquires @


  1. Does it covers STL ??

  2. I want some socket tutorial also to be get integrated. Will it possible ?