Tuesday, September 6, 2011

b.tech projects in computer science

B.Tech Project in Computer Science in C and C++

Most of the time it happens that students in the final semesters are not getting good marks in their projects. The reason is simple, they get projects from free sources. Some times it may works but they just know what it is doing not how it is doing. The examiners are only asking questions on how part only and ultimately they get stuck.

Since I have also done the same and suffered that I mentioned, So I am willing to give an opportunity to the students to get develop project of their own requirement.


I am not presenting a huge list of the projects that you can select. Whatever projects we are putting are either recently developed or under development. 
Drop me an email according to requirement and domain you are looking for I will provide the list of the project.

I will promise it will be given to you with in the time and the least cost from any other resource. 


  1. Thanks Saurabh,
    For providing the list of good projects. i will let you know soon which I like to opt for.


  2. Hi,
    Please provide the list to me at "andybratt0925@gmail.com"

  3. Thank you ccplusplus,

    you saved my money and time.

    thanks again,


    1. glad to hear that.

      Thank you for trusting on us.

      Support - ccplusplus.com

  4. thanks ccplusplus, a amazing project developed by you. excellent coding and design.

    thanks again.

    Kritika Deep,