Thursday, August 4, 2011

/etc/profile and $HOME/.profile : AIX - User administration related files

The /etc/profile file contains further environment variables, as well as any commands to run, that apply to all users. Use the /etc/profile file to control variables such as:
  • Export variables
  • File creation mask (umask)
  • Terminal types
  • Mail messages to indicate when new mail has arrived
Commands to be included in /etc/profile should be appropriate for all users of the system. An example of a command that you may want all users to run when they log in is the news command.

The $HOME/.profile file enables you to customize your individual working environment. The .profile file also overrides commands and variables set in the /etc/profile file. Use the .profile file to control personal settings such as:
  • Shells to open
  • Default editor
  • Default printer
  • Prompt appearance
  • Keyboard sound

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