Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Program in C++

So what is so special about C++? Why should you use C++ to develop your applications? First, C++ is not the best language to use in every instance. C++ is a great choice in most instances, but some special circumstances would be better suited to another language.

There are a few major advantages to using C++:

1. C++ allows expression of abstract ideas
C++ is a third generation language that allows a programmer to express their ideas at a high level as compared to assembly languages.
2. C++ still allows a programmer to keep low-level control
Even though C++ is a third generation language, it has some of the "feel" of an assembly language. It allows a programmmer to get down into the low-level workings and tune as necessary. C++ allows programmers strict control over memory management.
3. C++ has national standards (ANSI)
C++ is a language with national standards. This is good for many reasons. Code written in C++ that conforms to the national standards can be easily integrated with preexisting code. Also, this allows programmers to reuse certain common libraries, so certain common functions do not need to be written more than once, and these functions behave the same anywhere they are used.
4. C++ is reusable and object-oriented
C++ is an object-oriented language. This makes programming conceptually easier (once the object paradigm has been learned) and allows easy reuse of code, or parts of code through inheritance.
5. C++ is widely used and taught
C++ is a very widely used programming language. Because of this, there are many tools available for C++ programming, and there is a broad base of programmers contributing to the C++ "community". 

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