Saturday, July 16, 2011

Verifying that the AIX kernel is 64-bit

To verify that you have the 64 bit kernel (/usr/lib/boot/unix_64) installed and running, run the following command:

bootinfo -K

In addition, if you type the command lsattr -El proc0, the output of the command returns the type of processor for your server. If you have any of the following, you have 64-bit hardware: RS64 I, II, III, IV, POWER3, POWER3 II or POWER4.

If the hardware is 32-bit, then you can only have a 32-bit kernel. You cannot have a 64-bit kernel. If the hardware is 64-bit, then you can have either a 32 or 64-bit kernel.

Refrences Books
  1. AIX 5L Administration
  2. IBM AIX Enterprise Edition System Administration Guide (International Technical Support Organization)
  3. Aix/6000Internals and Architecture (J. Ranade Workstation Series)
  4. Accelerating AIX: Performance Tuning for Programmers and Systems Administrators
  5. IBM Certification Study Guide P5 And Pseries Administration And Support for Aix 5l Version 5.3
  6. Aix Companion, An
  7. Ibm Aix Configuration Management Version Control/6000 User's Guide;

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