Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Increase internet speed in windows 7, vista and xp by 30% to current speed

Here is the hack trick that will increase your internet speed overall by 30%. How it is 30% that I will tell you later. First follow the steps by steps instruction given below.

1. go to run prompt (windows key + R) and type "gpedit.msc"

2. you will get the local group policy editor as seen below

expand this to QoS Packet Scheduler
(Administrative Template > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler)

3. Then look on the right side on the entry "Limit reservable Bandwidth"

4. Double click it and open, you will get a pop up windows like this shown below.

You can see by default Not Configured options is selected. Select the Enable option and below make its value to 0%. which is by default 20%. By this you are increasing your internet speed by 20% which windows is occupying to manage the network, this was required at the time when we are using very slow internet around 14 kbps over dial up network. Today it is not required.

The other 10% will come from here, see below.

By default Windows update is keep on checking for updates for all of the installed product and the windows it self, which is not requited all the time. that you can do when you are not working. You can manually update your windows.
Go to the following location.

a. Users running windows vista/windows 7 OS's

1. Go to start my computer icon and right click to select its property as shown below,

2. You will get the property windows like this. see the left bottom side of the windows, there is an option like "windows update". Click to open it as below

3. clicking the windows update button will give a window like this

4. See on the left side top corner there is an option called "change setting". Select it and open it. You will get this

5. Drag and drop the "important updates" menu and select the last option - Never check for updates. And click OK. If you get any security warning click on yes and close all the windows.
You need to restart to take place the effect.

b. Users Running windows xp

1. Right click the my compter and you will get like this, select the Automatic update tab and select the "turn off automatic updates option"

Not that for the above hack mentioned for windows vista/windows 7, in XP you will get the same configuration steps only UI will be different.

After this see the changes.

Enjoy surfing.


  1. does it works for windows server also ??
    please post the steps if it is.

  2. i m nt able open gpedit.msc
    it is showing error....make sure u typed d name correctly..

    1. What is the OS version your are running ? also send us the screenshot on us for more help.

  3. Good sharing about internet speed increasing without any software.I share my tips about how to increase internet speed using manual process.
    To increase your internet speed
    >You can use latest version of Firefox,or Google chrome or Opera browser.These are good browsers.
    >Reset your modem and router or unplug them and replug it or switch off the modem and switch on it again daily twice.
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    >While watching videos online like Metacafe or you tube you can wait until the video buffers and then watch it.Avoid downloading while watching videos.
    >You internet security software it helps to protect the PC or laptop from internet threats .If these will affect your PC or Laptop ,the system speed will get reduce.So browsers get crashes again and again,you cannot browse fast.
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    Follow these steps it will helps to increase your dial up or any internet connection speed.
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